Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Animals Impressions

Want to see  Keir Moffat uses objects he found around the house to impersonate Koala, Axolotl, Badger, Bat, Chameleon, Cuttlefish, Dilophosaurus, Elephant, Fish, Fly, Frog, Gecko, Giraffe, Glow worm, Goat, Greater adjutant, Guinea pig, Honeybadger, Hyena, Jellyfish, Killer whale (Orca), Lemur (King Julian), Llama, Mantis, Mantis shrimp, Meerkat, Monkey (Abu), Moose, Muppet (Animal), Naked Mole Rat, Narwhal, Otter, Panda (Kung Fu), Pangolin, Penguin, Pigeon, Rabbit, Seal, Shark-hoover cat, Sheep, Slow Loris, Sparrow, Squid, Stingray, Tapir, Tiger, Tortoise, T-rex, Unicorn, Wolf, Worm, and Velociraptor? No? Well, here it is anyway. Vid via Tastefullyoffensive.com.

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